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I don't get any connection in the configurator (v1.2.13.23316) with my FMB920 (via USB).
Followed the instructions for the PC setup (.NET), Port drivers Teltonika and latest Configurator installed.

The Configurator keeps on "Searching..." without any result (even after trying for more than 30 minutes).

Data-sim installed (bot LEDs flickering, like they should do), power on, USB cable into PC --> no device found in the Configurator.
Tried on a Sony Vaio Windows PC and on Windows via Bootcamp on a Mac too: no luck.

Any idea what goes wrong?

I am having the same issue, Howevre when I plug in the device with my cell phone cable, it shows two comports under device manager, which makes me thing the wire is working?

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My FMB920 was shipped without USB cable. I used an incompatible cable and after trying the third of its kind, it worked.
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