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I have a Java based server running a Server socket. The socket is configured with a SSL keystore containing the server certificate (private & public key) together with the CA certificate used to sign these keys. I also uploaded the same CA certificate to my TMT250 device.

When trying to connect to the server I always get a bad certificate error in the server log. When I try out the connection from within a simple Java client application having a truststore with the CA certificate in it configured, everything is working fine.

I followed this documentation : https://flespi.com/blog/teltonika-tls-encryption

When I do the same towards the Flespi platform, everything works fine. The problem I'm facing is similar to https://community.teltonika-gps.com/21671/uploaded-certificate-to-fmc125-and-turning-tls-not-working

Without TLS activated on the device and on the server, the messages are processed correctly.

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,

What do I do wrong. Is there more extended documentation available?

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