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the FMB204 I would use as an alert-system and gps-tracker same time

I like to integrate these two functions:

a) one extern jamming-sensor for input to the FMB204. If jamming recognize, then give automatically alert (also send to smartphone)

b) one i-reader-reader for activate/ deactivate the alert-system (next to smartphone). For alert-status-report I need two LED-lamps (green/ red) for signalization. Is this possible?

Are these functions are easily possible?

Does it need to install also some relays for this?

How to wire?

What is to do in configuration?

Thanks a lot


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FMB204 would be a viable solution for the scenario you describe.


Scenario a)

Here you can use FMB204’s Jamming scenario – please review

  • When it detects GSM signal jamming, it activates the scenario.
  • The device then starts a configurable timeout before responding that is intended to reduce false positives.
  • After the timeout ends, the device generates an event record and Digital Output (DOUT) status is changed to 1.
  • Connecting a Buzzer to the Digital Output to emit sounds as soon as jamming is detected.
  • This Digital Output activation can be used to trigger measures to disrupt potential thieves using GSM signal jamming to steal your vehicle.
  • The Digital Output can be directly connected to the vehicle's alarm system to ensure the thief cannot avoid triggering it.
  • It can also be connected to the central lock system to ensure that all the doors are locked.
  • A relay can be used to disable the starter motor. Usually used with the Immobilizer scenario.
  • Alternatively, the Digital Output can also be connected to an LED visible to the driver to inform the driver when Jamming occurs.


Scenario b)

Here you can use FMB204’s iButton Read Notification scenario here - please review


FMB204 has 2 DOUTs (Digital Output) which can be used by your scenario a) and b) – please review

Connecting a buzzer or light to DOUT is the most basic use here.

Here it is also possible to control the state (ON / OFF) of DOUT with SMS / GPRS commands.


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