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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
FMC640: What is the basic setup, to be able to receive a SMS tekst/alarm when analog input 1 is triggered by 12V +?

I have SMS event AVL ID set to 50180 and SMS event number with +45 for Denmark

I/O analog input 1 set to ”panic” , 6000 low 15000 high mv and event on entrance

I can get status from FMC 640 by texting ­__getgps, so my GMS setup should be OK

Thanks for advice
by anonymous


Did you put the GSM Number (to text to) in GSM Predefined Numbers Position with Teltonika Configurator?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thanks for quick reply

Yes, my phone number is insert there and I used +45 for Denmark.

Is there a way to see data history in the Teltonika Configurator? So I can see if the FMC640 has sent SMS text

by anonymous

Unfortunately I have too less Experience with this Device yet.

In which constellation did you use Analog Input 1?
Normally to Trigger Alarm with +12V: Best is to use Digital Input (Like Panic Button etc.)

You can download the Log File of your Device with Teltonika Configurator if connected via Bluetooth or USB. Instruction:

For Downloading Log over GPRS you need a FOTA WEB Account(

Contact your Sales Manager for creating one if you don´t have an account yet. Unfortunately it takes a while to get it.

The Log is a .dmp File. At least You could open a ticket or Mail Your Suggestion to Teltonika.

As far as I know you should download it directly after triggering the alarm (within 2-3 hours).

Last but not least: Send an e-mail with the description of your situation to