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Would you be able to give an estimate data usage based on the following configuration? Send Period is 15mins either moving or on stop plus default settings and some basic I/Os.
But in summary,  I'm trying to calculate and really understand the data packet structure stated in your documentations  and how the configuration impacts it inorder to come up with the right estimate for the data plan for an M2M SIM.

Enabled Configurations

System Settings, Ignition Source, Time Synchronization, SIM1 & SIM2 GPRS Settings, Server, Record Settings, FOTA Web, Data Acquisition (On Stop and Moving Min Period & Send Period only - 900), Immobilizer, Bluetooth, 1-Wire, 

I/O: 12 default IO + Active GSM Operator + Trip Odometer + Digital Input 1 + ICCID + Digital Output 2 + iButton  + Battery Level %

Disabled Configurations

Static Navigation, Sleep Mode, Data Acquisition (Moving Min Distance, Angle, Speed Delta - 0), SMS Data Sending, GSM Operators, Eco/Green Driving, Overspeeding, Jamming, DOUT Control Via Call, iButton Read Notifications, Excessive Idling, Unplug Detection, Towing Detection, Crash Detection, Auto Geofence, Manual Geofence, Trip Settings, Bluetooth 4.0, I/O - Digital Output 1, OBD II, CAN Adapter



Well let's start with minimum size of the packet which is 45 bytes with all I/O disabled. Packet size is impacted by what and how many parameters are activated, if they are activated and being sent with every record, that means size is bigger. If some parameters are eventual, then they are being sent when certain condition is met, so packet size will not be constant in this case.

As for scenarios, they do have their dedicated event ID's and if they are turned on (low priority) and set to eventual they generate additional record with event ID, but if they are not triggered their I/O element ID will not be included in periodic records.

But if they are not set as eventual, scenario state will be sent with every periodic record.

So knowing that base packet size is 45 bytes without any I/O elements, you can count how many more bytes are added to your packet by I/O elements and scenarios that are enabled.

Here take a look:

It is a list of data sending parameters, there are byte column which describes how many bytes they take additionally in a packet so you can count how many bytes your record will take and then also take into consideration a protocol which is used to transport them.

If you have more questions please ask.

Best Regards

Hi Teltonika Support,

Thanks for your swift response. Just have some follow up questions below. Let's use FMB120 to align the device reference.

1. Does the minimum packet size of 45 bytes consist of 15 bytes of Technical structure plus AVL Data (30 - 768 bytes) as mentioned here in the other inquiry?  

But for the  the maximum bytes of 15+768 = 783 , it's is not align to the notes mentioned in your documentation. It's saying Max is 1280
"Note: for FMB630, FMB640 and FM63XY, minimum AVL packet size is 45 bytes (all IO elements disabled). Maximum AVL packet size is 255 bytes. For other devices, minimum AVL packet size is 45 bytes (all IO elements disabled). Maximum AVL packet size is 1280 bytes."

2. What's included in the 15 bytes of Technical Structure?

3. Based on the Data Sending Parameter ID

  • Permanent I/O elements - refers to I/O section in the configurator

  • Eventual I/O elements  - refers Manual Geofence, Auto Geofence, Trip\Odometer, Features, Accelerometer Features sections

  • OBD II I/O elements - refers to OBD II section

  • CAN adapter elements - refers to the CAN adapter section

  • BLE Sensors I/O elements - refers to Beacon and Bluetooth 4.0 sections

So my question is, how about the rest of the sections in the configurator such as Security, System, GPRS, SMS\Call Settings, GSM Operators, 1-Wire etc. I'm assuming all in the technical structure or some are not sent to the server hence not consuming data? It's just the settings on how the device operates. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Should you need further clarification, please let me know. Thank you 


1. Yes minimum packet size consists of 15 bytes of technical structure. Please note that when sending Element I/O it just not sends only AVL ID and value, it first sends amount of total count of  AVL IDs in record then count of N1, N2, N4 and N8 byte sized IDs count, then sends their IDs in order then their value which according to which category belongs to can be 1, 2, 4 or 8 bytes long, or if its Codec 8 extended it can be variable. So there are lots of things that can influence size of packet sent by a device and absolute maximum is 1280 bytes.

2. here you can see what is included in those 15 bytes under AVL data packet structure section, basically everything else that is not GPS or I/O data from the device.

3. They are not sent to the server, but you can view their values or change them by sending SMS commands, but settings of the device itself does not get send via records.

If you have anymore questions or require some clarification please ask.

Best Regards.

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Best Regards