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Hi, I have a client who uses the FMB204 tracker. They wish to add data from a custom BLE sensor to the FMB204 records. 

I have looked at the documentation and was not able to figure out how to add a custom characteristic in the teltonika GUI. 
My GUI does not show advanced settings option in bluetooth 4.0 tab. 

I can find my device and view some of the characteristics but my custom characteristic does now show, I'm using hm-10 module with transparent serial characteristic ffe0  / 0000FFE0-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB

Is there a way to enable the advanced settings section in the teltonika configurator ?

What I need to do is connect to teltonika FMB204 daily from another BLE device and dump a lot of data to be uploaded by FMB204. I expect there would be around 5kb of data each day. Is it even possible to transmit all the records over short period of time?

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by anonymous

Hi, I'm trying to do the same, but no luck with autoconnect to BT module...and don't know if it's the same for BLE

Take a look to this page, it's supposed that when you configure it as 'Data Link' it will send all the data received by BT to the server....but I can't make it work using only the 'External Name' for the BT device...and if the MAC address is needed then is useless for me.

Please, let me know any progress with that :)

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by anonymous


You need to update your firmware. For FMB920, 3.25.14 is compatible with BLE sensors, For FMB204 you can see firmware errata to find out which is compatible.