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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

Hi, where i can get latest FMB010 firmware? (I'm on 03.10.02 Rev:00)


1 Answer

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by anonymous
Do you need latest FW for FM3XXX? or FMB0?

And what is wrong with 03.10.02.Rev.00?

I'll be able to send you a link on friday for new FW.
Best answer
by anonymous
Thanks Oceanfly. I need the latest FW for FM3XXX.

I've just one FM3001 (for now) and I'm experimenting features and OBD and non-OBD data collection on a gpsgate server.

I'm at the very beginning of tests and I'm trying different configurations and few data with no problem (at the moment and hopefully in the future!), but looking at the FMB-firmware-errata-v0-24.pdf reporting a generic (but important) 'Stability improvements' on the 03.10.03.Rev.00 (also recommended for FM30XY) and at the 'Create new configuration' tab of the Configurator v0.14.5.27701 for the FM3001 that gives the possibility to create configuration profiles for a FW 03.10.05 (Configuration, I thought it was appropriate to stop the tests and work from scratch after updating the firmware to the last available so as to avoid any problems in the future after an update.

Initially I thought that the upgrade and maintenance on the FM3001 should be done via FOTA web (my other question to the community), but from what I understand FOTA web is not a free management and maintenance system and I will have to manage a small amount of vehicles and not fleets of hundreds, so I can better proceed by hand..

Thank you very much for your response and for your availability. I will wait for feedback from you on Friday.
by anonymous

Ok, so latest "official" version for FM3 series is 03.10.02.Rev.00, but for all FMB series i guess we could say its 03.10.08.Rev.00.

Also - if i were you - i would not look too much into "errata sheet" for various "stability improvements" -> because these usually mean various bug fixes done on FW.

But those bug fixes - might have have been targeted NOT for FM3 devices at all. I.e. maybe they were targeted for FMB1 or FMB0 series devices.

So basically - if current FW which you have - is working for you - i would not look for newer versions and use what you have.

Unless ofcourse you are having problems with current FW - then it a correct action to seek new FW.

Or you know for a fact (from errata sheet) for example that newer FW versions - have new features which you want.

Anyway FW 03.10.08.Rev.00 can be retrieved at:

user: FM30XY
pass: 03FM30

Additional info - newest "experimental" version is 03.18.xx / 03.21.xx depending on various development branches. In the near future like 1-2 months (maybe sooner) - most FW versions should be updated to 03.18.xx. But like i said - if what  you have works - and you are happy with features present - there is no point in seeking "newest fw" versions.