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Hello All,

I have FM3612 model devices installed on many trucks and vans, one situation I faced is that if someone unplugs the power source (to the tracker) the tracker if moving sends data for upto 10 to 15 minutes and then dies of. (The last voltage reading received has been 3.5v in the last packet)

What am trying to figure out is, if someone tampers with the power wire to the device (Which is what happened in our case) how long is this battery supposed to work and device supposed to work?

Is there any way to configure it and extend the life of the battery?

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by anonymous

Hello, James,

If external power is disconnected the device will work on battery, depending on the configuration of data saving/sending, link opening and etc. the lifetime may be reduced. This highly varies on the scenarios devices is used in.

Are you sure that the battery is fully recharged during your situation?

The battery should last ~2 hours if no data is being sent. According to your data acquisition setting this may be reduced highly. 

In order to increase the battery life time you should use one of the available sleep modes:

  • GPS sleep,
  • Deep sleep

The description of sleep modes can be found:

Hope this helps,


by anonymous
Thank you for the information shared, however the following is the issue.

Someone with malicious intent steals the vehicle, cuts the power source to the FM3612 (the device is configured to send location at 5 second interval while moving)

So now that the vehicle is stolen, and the tracking and location update is ongoing and the power source disconnected.

What we saw is 10 to 15 minutes of backup power only! nothing more.

Is there a way that the sleep mode can be enabled when power source or voltage for external power is less than x value (This helps specially in common scenarios like these) theft / pilferage etc.