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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hi All

I'm trying to configure a standard data SIM, like one you would put in your phone, to send SMS text to a given number when one of the I/O input is triggered. Just want to get a message from the tracker telling me what is happening (power failure, battery low etc). I appreciate that maybe this device and SIM combination might not work, and it was not bought for this, I just have an idea and would like to try and see if I can get it working. I can send SMS text to the device as the show up in GSM Info as received text. I have tried various combination of settings in SMS\Calling Settings and authorized numbers as well as configuring the I/O to send to a number with both +44 and + at the beginnings of the number but nothing seems to work. Hope this is something that can be configured to work

Thanks for any advice anybody can give.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Please try to add GSM numbers into GSM Predefined Numbers table on SMS \ Call Settings (see below Step 1).

Then go on I/O settings and choose which I/O elements you want to get (see below Step 2). Next, near chosen parameters choose GSM number at Send SMS To (see below Step 3). Finally, if you want to change SMS text which you want to get, you can do it at SMS text column (see below Step 4).

When you done all steps, please click Save to Device and then you will get Events with SMS text and values.

Let us know if you will have more questions or if something was unclear.

Best regards,

Teltonika Support