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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
So far I have FMU130 and FM3001 devices configured to work with Teltonika's Online Dashboard Demo and all seems to be working fine.

However I would like to set up my own server/back-end in order to save this data on my own Database. I have experience with API routes which accept an incoming request and save the data, however I am not sure about the Codec 12/14 since an ACK needs to be sent for example. Thus I was hoping that someone could guide me or outline the basic structure for constructing/building such a server which accepts these incoming requests from these Teltonika Vehicle Tracking Devices. Could I also monitor/see the data being sent by the Teltonika Device on a PC console for example? To get accustomed to the communication.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hi, iotsolutions

I can recommend you to check the traccar project.

by anonymous
Hi, thank you for your comment however ideally the data would be sent to our own server.
by anonymous
I meant that's an open source project AFAIK. So you can either run your own instance or at least study,  how it works.
by anonymous
Hi, thank you for that! I will have a look at it :)