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Is there any method with FM6320 to send serial data as ASCII/Text not HEX? I can connect to FM6320 Com port and send data to Wialon server but it gets converted to HEX byte and sent with parameter payload.hex or RFID.. Data gets to Wialon server as HEX bytes not ASCII/text.

Application example is to send driver name to server not iButton or RFID number .

Have tried LCD, RFID, TCP Link Mode. All only send numbers or HEX no text.

Wialon server shows parameter payload.text is included in Teltonika protocol. No method is available on server to convert HEX to ASCII

I have sent email to my sales contact at Teltonika but no reply. There is no technical support contact listed on Teltonika website

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by anonymous

Thank you for your question,

The data from the device will be always sent as hexadecimal, there is no option to configure this, since this is how data is formatted. All of the communication of device - server is based on this.

The hexadecimal data should be parsed at server side and converted to ASCII format if required.

In order to display a driver name a custom server implementation required, you should assign certain iButton or RFID IDs with required names (a database should be created).