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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Under SYSTEM settings in FM configurator, there is a check box that enables the NTP Time Sync. But there is no field to specify the IP or the DNS name of the NTP server.

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by anonymous

Thank you for your query,

There is no function to set up custom NTP servers for Time Sync in the base firmware.

There are 5 different default NTP servers coded in the firmware, which are used for acquiring time.

Regards, Teltonika.
by anonymous

Thank you for your answer!

If we set the GNSS FIX Timeout for Time Synchronization via NTP to 0, will the time in FM deices be synchronized exclusively via NTP?

Is NTP traffic routed though the server specified in GPRS settings (i.e. the server receive the AVL data) or via public Internet?

Can we have the list of the NTP servers used? (our GSM carrier applies a strict security policy)?

Thanks in advance!
by anonymous


  • If GNSS Fix Timeout is set 0 the scenario disabled. 1 s should be used instead.
  • The NTP traffic is not routed through a specific server, public internet access is used.
  • NTP server is used only when GPS fix is not available, once the GPS fix is available the date from GNSS data will be used instead. 
  • Are you required to use NTP server specifically in your scenario? The GPS data is recommended option at all times.


by anonymous

The reason we need to switch to NTP sync is that we receive (not always) AVL data with wrong timestamp.

The answers given to related questions in this forum, support the switch to NTP, NITZ or NTP+NITZ sync (if it is supported by device's f/w).

Because our installation runs in VPN environment, could you provide us with the IPs of the NTP servers?