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Why GPS-position differs so much between Teltonika-Configurator and webportal of (see below picture)?

Remark: GPS-position displayed at Teltonika-Configurator is much more correct. FMB122 is not moved and was not moved.

Do I have a mistake in configuration?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for your question,

The GPS data in the configurator is live, this means that the current exact location is displayed.

The location in the server will be displayed depending on the last packet information, if there is any delay you will able to see only the most recent packet.

Please check your data acquisition settings - "min.period" and "send.period" describes how often a new packet is formed and how often this information is sent. Information these parameters can be found in our wiki page:

If you wish to update the current location more often decrease the period to 1-10 seconds, this would allow you to see the most recent information.

Hope this helps if you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Regards, Teltonika Support.

Thank you for your answer!

Sorry, but may I ask again, because I'm not sure about the difference between "min.period" and "send.period":

As example, when I want to see every 10 seconds a position on a route, I have to set "min.period" to 10 sec., am I right?
"send.period" is "just" the intervall when positions mentioned above are send to the server, correct?