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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

Good day. Glonass does not work on fmb125. If on fmb as nav. If you leave the system only glonass, then there will always be 0 satellites in operation. Visible, for example = 10, and always = 0 in the work, but if you add gps to glonass, then in addition to the "working" gps satellites, glonass also appears. Is that what you intended? Next to the teltonics lies a device of another manufacturer, on which the GLONASS satellites are enough to determine the coordinates.


Ver:03.25.05_00 GPS:AXN_5.10_3333 Hw:FMB125 Mod:35 IMEI:352093087604103 Init:2019-8-6 17:4 Uptime:49101 MAC:001E429AC290 SPC:1(0) AXL:0 OBD:0 BL:1.6 BT:4

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by anonymous


Thank you for your question.

Please provide information with response of sms command getgnss and getgps. GLONASS will work only if 4 of one type satellites will be available at one moment. The same rule is for GPS satellites. 

In this case my advise will be to use multiple satellite sources. 

And for additional information: There is a choice to use only one system between GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or Beidou and it is possible to choose two or three systems together. One exception is that you cannot combine BeiDou and GLONASS systems together. Examples of non-configurable GNSS source combinations are:


Galileo + GLONASS + BeiDou;


GPS + Galileo + GLONASS + BeiDou.

Please provide more information, why do you want to use the GLONASS satellite system only?

Hope this information will help.

Also you can find more information in Teltonika Wiki page:

Best regards,

by anonymous

"Please provide more information, why do you want to use the GLONASS satellite system only?"

Some kind of weird question. You implement the functional and ask why the user should use it? Glonass support is stated in the technical specifications, but in fact this functionality does not work.

getgnss - unknown command or invalid format

getgps - text: GPS:0 Sat:0 Lat:45.260235 Long:37.383972 Alt:0 Speed:0 Dir:0 Date: 2019/8/8 Time: 11:11:31