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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

We are adding the 16 digits that the card that is read by this reader sends, but when entering the number the ID Buttons validation list, the negative output is not being activated. It is as if the number we entered was not being validated

We have this reader:


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by anonymous

chelena, are you sure that output does not change it's state?

If so, maybe the problem is that FMB120 reads another ID, not the one you expect (e.g. ID could be truncated or inverted). You can check what is read by the device either by querying AVL ID 207 (readio #) or by analyzing the internal logs of the device.

by anonymous

Yes, we are taking the numbering shown by the programmer, which is the same numbering that is sent to the tracking platform. The problem is that when placing that numbering in the list of idbuttons and indicating in the configurator that it is required to validate the number with the list. The GPS fails to validate that number.

Checking the number and those who sent the previous Magnetic Id Buttons I see that the number sequence is different and does not appear to be a hexadecimal number as indicated by the configurator that should be.

It is as if the reader that we are using 1W-H3-03 RFID were able to read the card we are using 125khz, but that number is not compatible with Teltonika's firware.

If we deactivate the function of validating the list of Id Buttons, then we present the card, the negative voltage of the OUT2 disappears, indicating that the equipment is fine, the output works well, but the scenario of validating the number against the established list It is what fails.