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I'm actually working on the FMB001 Teltonika. All works in GSM connection area but when I'm driving in a no connection area, I have a period of loosing packets.
I saw that in GPRS configuration menu, there is "Record Settings" where we can configure a response timeout (actually set on 30 seconds). I read the documentation on your website but I didn't find the response of  : What will the teltonika do if it has no connection ? And what will it do if there's no response during the record response timeout ? Maybe you could help me to find a way to certify the reception of packets.

I'm looking forward to hearing you on this point,

Nicolas DUBUS

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Thank you for your question,

Records settings configuration help to increase the link timeout and response timeout in case the server takes a long time to respond. If there is no connection at all and the record is not sent during this period it is saved in the flash memory of the device. Once the connection is acquired again the device will send the records from the flash according to the Records settings from newest / oldest.

Hope this helps,

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Actually, when i'm trying to use the teltonika with one measurement per minute, I've got sometimes a miss of measurements during a moment and it correspond to a no connection area.
I've tried some changes to avoid this by adding to GPRS/Record Settings a greater Response Timeout (120s) and a Network Ping Timeout (10s). You could find my configuration at this link Teltonika FMB001 conf

I have no more ideas to avoid this lake of measurements. Could you please look up my configuration and help me to understand how I can configure the teltonika ? 

Best regards,