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I have a FMB120, how can I set as Home a SIMCARD? My SIMCARD is detected as ROAMING, I only have one SIMCARD installed. I'm in Perú, the SIMCARDS are from a company called NextM2M from Denmark which sell M2M SIMCARDS. The ID of the mobile network is not set in the ROAMING list.


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Thank you for your query,

If SIM card is inserted in slot #1 and the device is in the home network, the SIM card status is should be detected as "Home". In your case, this means that the card you are using always works in "Roaming" mode and connects to "Roaming" network. This depends on the SIM card and not the device configuration.

Most likely the M2M type cards you are using are set up to always work in "Roaming" mode since you are using it in the other country.

Hope this helps,