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Hi, could you help me with this:
The next questions are about a FMB120 with the last firmware version installed.

  • What's the correct way to install a FMB120 tracker device?
  • Can I install the tracker in any way? The equipment will be very well fixed to the vehicle, so that it does not move easily.
  • After the tracker will be installed, I need to send a command to calibrate? auto_calibrate:set
  • What's the process to calibrate the equipment?
  • If the tracker device is not calibrated, which functions will no work very well?
  • How can I set as Home a SIMCARD? My SIMCARD is detected as ROAMING, I only have one SIMCARD installed. I'm in Perú, the SIMCARDS are from a company called NextM2M from Denmark which sell M2M SIMCARDS.
  • Do you know is there a table with recommended values for Green Driving for types of cars (sedan, pickups, SUV, bus and so on)?

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by anonymous


If you are encountering these questions, we strongly recommend to take a look at the device manual, where most of your questions are clearly answered.  

FMB120 Wiki page can be found : HERE

Most of your asked questions are answered in "First start" page : HERE

Auto calibration

The auto-calibration process is following:

  1. The vehicle is stopped.
  2. There is a straight road ahead.
  3. Send SMS "auto_calibrate:set" to the FMB device.
  4. Accelerate to >30 km/h for 5 sec.
  5. FMB will send a response when calibration is completed successfully.

Calibration is saved to internal flash memory, which means it will stay after a reset. To check auto-calibration status send a following short text message to the FMB device: "auto_calibrate:get".

About a table with recommended values for Green Driving for types of cars (sedan, pickups, SUV, bus and so on) - unfortunately there is no such a table. These values should be calculated individually. 

Best regards


Hi, how are you? thank you very much for your reply.

When I talk about the installation I'm talking about the way how it is connected, is it could be mounted installed horizontal/vertical? Keep in mind that the FMB120 doesn't have external antenna. The calibration set the position how is connected the tracker? Is it to take the initial vector to calculate the green driving features?

Or, Can I install the tracker in any position and after that set the calibration? Is it related or no?
Please check this video:
Best Regards