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We are presenting problems with the 1-WIRE reader When presenting the RFID card, the card reads it , but after the vehicle turns on and we remove the card, the ID of said card disappears and we need that while the vehicle is still on, that parameter keeps coming, so that our platform indicates which driver is driving

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by anonymous

Thank you for your question,

The value of iButton/RFID can be saved throughout the single trip, if "Trip" scenario is used, in the configurator Trip / Odometer section you should be able to find "Advanced Trip Settings" and select Remember iButton - Enable.

Please note that iButton value is saved until the ignition is OFF and scenario ends according to the set up of parameters.

Hope this helps,


Please confirm if it is correctly configured in this way or if it should be between record


Thank you very much for the support, with this we were able to solve.

I have another point related to the ID button, I do not know if you could answer in this way or it would be convenient to open another post:

The situation is that I have some readers like these that are shown in the link:  which we have tested with various RFID cards, but the number that comes to us is 18 characters and the validation list of Teltonika IDbuttons is only 16 characters, which does not allow us to add the numbers to said list.

Previously Teltonika had sent us IDbutton Readers and IDbutton like this, working perfectly, but after a while they made the change and this problem was generated.

Any help in this regard?