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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I connected the device to the analog fuel sensor in the dashboard and then programmed the device to send the fuel value when the vehicle starts and shuts off. However, the values it send are not true representations of what the value is. The values are always lower than what I am sure is in the vehicle.

Is there a way to program the device so that is sends the correct value for the fuel level?

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by anonymous


Thank you for your question.

Could you provide more information on the exact model of fuel sensor you are using or explain the definition "analog fuel sensor in the dashboard".

How do you determine that the values are wrong compared to the values that should be in the fuel tank? What type of calculations you have done?

Analog sensors only return voltage, have you calibrated the calculations for your fuel tank in the server you receive your data? 

Please see this manual for calibration done in our server for analog sensors and see if it helps.

Regards, Teltonika Support.

My apologies, what I should have said was analog fuel gauge. The one that comes in the vehicles dashboard.

I have determined that the values I get when starting and stopping the engine are incorrect because different values appear on the configuator than that which I receive in the text messages. I have noted that on the configuator, when the tank is full vs empty I get a reading of approximately 2400 and 500, respectively. However, when I get a text after starting or stopping the engine, the text message readings are approximately 800 and 50 respectively. This is why I am assuming that the device reads the voltage from the gauge while it is starting and after it is being turned off and not after it has started and before it turns off or else the text would show the same reading on the configuator.

I have not calibrated the device for any server. I would like to do that so I can have it work on GPSWox. However ideally, I would like for the devices to be able to give me updates on the fuel level via text for when the vehicle is in areas where mobile data is not available.

Since I am using the fuel gauge that comes in the vehicle, would that manual apply?