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Here is my scenario, i have FMA120 devices that needs to send coordinates every 30 seconds when moving.
 the car usually travels more than 5000 km a month, I want the best way to save data, to not exceed 10mb a month, what configurations should i use (attach screen shot of every possible configuration)

our installation methods, we connect power cable (red one) and ground cable (black one) and ignition (DIN1) (yellow cable)

Thank you

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by anonymous


In order to save data/power you can use sleep modes.

  1. Sleep mode: FMA120 is able to go to sleep mode after configurable Sleep timeout. This timeout (defined period) starts counting when device is in STOP mode. After timeout is reached and all conditions for sleep mode are met, device goes to sleep mode. While in sleep mode, FMA120 turns GPS module off and it is not making new periodic records. Only event records is being recorded with last known coordinate and sent to AVL server. As a result power usage decreases allowing saving vehicle battery
  2. Deep sleep mode: While in deep sleep mode, FMA120 sets GPS receiver to sleep mode and highly reduces power consumption of GSM/GPRS module. Records with last known coordinate are being saved and sent to AVL server. GSM/GPRS module is turned on to send data and after that it is turned off again.
  3. Data can be saved using settings to change data transmission intervals depending on object moving/stopped. This can be configured in data acquisition settings. You should be able to change your send period when object is on stop to bigger amount.