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I'm not getting gprs signal or poor signal!

Only if im in a 200m radius of GSM antenna i get two signal blocks.

What can I do about this?

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  • Does this cause you any issues with data sending/receiving being delayed or unsuccessful? Are you able to receive your data at all?
  • Is the signal low when testing device indoors?
  • Have you tried testing the signal when the device is installed in the vehicle, could you confirm that the windows of the vehicle are not protected (shielded) from electromagnetic waves (UV protection).
  • Please specify these points so we could give you a better answer.


It's already installed it in the car under the steering wheel not deep coverd, also tested infront of the window (no protective filter)

It sends data but most of the time it have delay becaus no signal.

I put sleep mode completely off

The manual said you can use it on your handsfree car but no signal no phone calls!