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Hi, I have a FMB010, the mini OBD2 tracker. Iv had it for just over a year, never had any issues with it, its been a great little tracker.

I had an M2M sim card on a 1 year contract which has now passed and I decided not to renew it, so I have replaced the SIM in the unit with a Lycamobile pay as you go Sim.

I have changed the APN settings to suit the new Sim, checked the sim is working in a mobile phone etc. But I cannot get the FMB010 to establish a GSM or GPRS connection.

Under Sim status, it shows something like:

Modem status: On

GPRS: Disconnected

SIM Status: unknown

GSM Status: no signal

Anyone have any clues? Iv tried rebooting the device via the USB using the configurator software, and power cycled it by disconnecting the power source and backup battery.

Cheers, Dan
by anonymous

Could you provide device USB log after turning on the device - and connecting to usb right after it first appears?

For like 10 or so minutes?


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Thank you for your response  

The issue was actually down to me being stupid! I had inserted the new simcard in the wrong rotation! (cut edge away from the PCB). As the sim fits perfectly in the wrong position I didn't think to check it until this morning. I have now inserted the sim the correct way and its working perfectly  

Thanks again! And for anyone who may have done the same as me, check the cut corner of the Sim is facing towards the PCB, not away from it.