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I have a FM1110 device, it was mounted in one vehicle who had an accident. Device was in Roaming (without roaming services) while accident happened and all the records are saved in its internal memory. I took of the device from vehicle and bring it to my office but when I opened it it looks like it had humidity inside of its board. I wait for it to get dry up and after that I plugged  it in Power. Lights was blinking as normal, but when I opened terminal it was showing like Modem seems to be dead -  [2011.01.01 00:00:17]-[INIT.MODEM]-> Modem Seems To Be Dead RX:1, TX:1, CTS:1, RTS:1 ON:0, PWR:1, RESET:1).  Is there any chance to take those records out of the device and try to save them in server ?

This is what I get in terminal:

Terminal log file

Date: 13.9.2018 - 10:01:58


[INIT FLASH]->Success. Manufacturer:Winbond[ef] Type:Serial Flash[40] Capacity:8Mbit[14].

[2011.01.01 00:00:03]-Detected flash size: 8 MBit

[2011.01.01 00:00:03]-[FLASH.ADDRESSES.INFO] (Winbond / 8 MBit):

 Sector: 0x00001000

 Block: 0x00010000

 Globals: 0x00000000

 CFG start: 0x00001000

 Profile: 0x00003000

 Profile crc: 0x00003FFC

 Sms events: 0x00004000

 Sms events temp: 0x00005000

 Black box: 0x00006000

 Profile backup info: 0x00007000

 Fota start: 0x000A0000

 Offline log: 0x00010000

 Records start: 0x00020000

 Records end: 0x000F0000

 Backup profile: 0x000F0000

 Flash end: 0x00100000

GNSS-> $PSTMSETPAR,1500,G33_030106#ÿ*df

[2011.01.01 00:00:17]-[GGG.VERSION]-> GGG HW.Parse.


[2011.01.01 00:00:17]-[INIT.MODEM]-> Modem Seems To Be Dead

RX:1, TX:1, CTS:1, RTS:1 ON:0, PWR:1, RESET:1

[2011.01.01 00:00:17]-[INIT.MODEM]->Cycle: 2 of 3

[2011.01.01 00:00:17]-[INIT.MODEM]->Restarting Modem...

[2011.01.01 00:00:45]-[INIT.MODEM]-> Modem Seems To Be Dead

RX:1, TX:1, CTS:1, RTS:1 ON:0, PWR:1, RESET:1

[2011.01.01 00:00:45]-[INIT.MODEM]->Cycle: 3 of 3

[2011.01.01 00:00:45]-[INIT.MODEM]->Restarting Modem...

[2011.01.01 00:00:46]-[MODEM.STATUS.06]->Modem is OFF.

[2011.01.01 00:00:48]-[MTX.WDG]->sr:0[1800] fl:0[1800] mod:0[1800] pr:41[1800] ds18:0[1800] lvcan:0[1800]

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" Is there any chance to take those records out of the device and try to save them in server ?"

Yes - just connect configurator to device - and once connected there should be button "read records".

Now if you are using teltonika avl server - you can just import those records to server (*.bin) file.

Or if you are using your custom server - then you will have to write some program to parse those records.

Records downloaded from device via configurator - are without TCP/UDP headers. They are basically in RAW format.
Thanks for your reply,

But my current version seems to not have oportunity "Read Records" its

If I upgrade to newer version, will it delete records that are in its internal memory.

Thanks for your support.

Ive just tried with 01.11.07 FW and configurator and read records shows for me.

And works. See top of configurator .

What FW version you use?

Also - if your device currently has 01.11.xx fw - after updating to 01.11.xx - records will not be lost. But on the very first attempt to download records from device -> device upload records for configurator into .bin file and deletes records from device memory.