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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I'm a owner of Renault ZOE R90, your devices FMB001 or FMB010 support reading vehicle battery data?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Hello, Luke,

FMB001 and FMB010 are both OBDII devices, which connect to cars' OBDII socket, so these devices can read vehicle battery voltage and this parameter is described as external voltage in our parameter list.

Best regards.

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by anonymous


Thank you for the question.

It depends if your car sends its battery information in one of our supported protocols.

We have 'Hybrid Battery Packe Remaining Life' (parameter ID 40370) in our device, but this doesn't guarantee that the battery parameters will be read.

If you have the device you can check what obd parameters are read by sending SMS message to it:

SMS would be:<login> <password> obdinfo

Response details:

Returns OBD info. Protocol, VIN, AdaptiveTiming value, requested PID counter, OBD application state, available vehicle PIDs, mil status, number of DTCs

For example: Protocol:6,VIN:WVWZZZAUZFW125650,TM:0,CNT:11,ST:PROTOCOL DETECTION,P1:0x98180001,P2:0x1,P3:0xE0800020,P4:0x0,Fuel:OFF,MIL:0,DTC:0,ID0

According to obdinfo response you can check available OBD parameters via OBD Pid Reader. OBD reader can be found here:

Protocol:6 – specifies car supported protocol
VIN:WVWZZZAUZFW125650 -specifies car vin number
ST:PROTOCOLDETECTION- specifies OBD application state
P1:0x98180001,P2:0x1,P3:0xE0800020,P4:0x0 - specifies available vehicle PIDs. These values specifies available parameters in car. If all pids values 0 (P1:0x0,P2:0x0,P3:0x0,P4:0x0), it means that OBD parameters is not readable.
MIL:0 - mil status, indicates state of the led(0- OFF, 1-ON)
DTC:0 - number of errors

Please find additional information here:

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask. Alternatively, upvote the answer if it provided a solution to your question.

Stay awesome and have a great day. :)

Best regards,


by anonymous
I decided to investigate your case further and I found out that different car manufacturers use their own protocols and especially in the case of electric vehicles they can adjust the layout of the OBDII pins how they wish. Therefore, I want to emphasize that OBDII reading for each car might produce different results.
by anonymous
Dear Vytenis,

I've done a a few of tries but the car always go on error when i put the FMB001 on OBDII socket, I see on the display: "Check Brake System", and if I leave the device plugged during driving the car display other errors randomly and car have a strange acceleration response.

I've logged a few packet on txt file, if you want I can send or post here.

Next I've removed the device and after a couple of hour fortunately the "Check Brake System" error disappear.