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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Guys , would please suggest the device which can detect unauthorize opening of devices (BOX TEMPER) and Jammer detection before going offline.

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by anonymous

Good day!

Could you please provide more information about the type of support you are seeking? It would be helpful to know the specific area or topic you need assistance with so that I can provide you with the most relevant support and information.

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by anonymous

Hi ,
Good day, hope you are doing very well.

My question was after installation of the GPS device if someone try to remove GSM from the GPS device do we get any incident notification, in real case senior if we installed tracking device in vehicle and thief remove the GSM without removing external power is there any alarm trigger or incident notification we will get, if yes, please specify the model of Teltonika devices capable to perform this activity.


by anonymous

Unfortunately, we don't have this specific device, but we do have some configuration options available. In the event that someone tries to remove the SIM card while holding the device, the device has the ability to detect the movement and generate an event. This event will be sent to the server for further processing. Additionally, we have implemented an unplug detection feature. If someone attempts to physically remove the device, it will trigger an event. You can try this feature yourself to see how it works.

For your reference, here is the link you can explore: