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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Dear Community Members,

I would like to address an issue we have been facing regarding the accuracy of fuel refill data obtained from FMB140 LVCAN200 devices.

Currently, we have noticed a discrepancy of approximately 5 liters between the data collected from these devices and the actual fuel bills , this only happens in cars that Sends fuel raw data in litters , and for the vehicles that send data in percentage when we see the difference we just change the tank capacity in the platform and we get a good result .

we would like to know if changing the program number has the potential to improve the accuracy of the fuel refill data ?

If you have any relevant information or suggestions regarding this matter, please share them with us. Your expertise and input will greatly assist us in resolving this issue and ensuring accurate fuel consumption data.

Best regards,

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by anonymous

Good day!

In order to provide you with a specific vehicle name and manufacturing year, I would need more information. Could you please specify the make and model of the vehicle you're referring to?

Kind regards,
by anonymous
Hello, thank you for your response,

the cars in which we are facing a problem are

Renault Master 2020

 Renault Master 2022

 Renault Express 2022
by anonymous
We have a scheme for all these vehicles. Which program number are you using?
by anonymous
Program number for both is 12923
by anonymous

This firmware is specifically for the Master 2020 model. Please ensure that the adapter firmware is up to date.

by anonymous
Yes, but even the 2020 car has an error in the accuracy of the fuel.

Does the program number affect the accuracy of the information coming from Canbus? And if the program number is not correct, why does the can data appear?
by anonymous
can you provide a firmware version for the CAN adaptor?
by anonymous
oProg:12923 SWDate:220307 BootVev:25 HWVer:67 SWVer:73 Opt:A ST:0 Protocol:4 ID:0x008B0089022030302D30334834414E

by anonymous
To clarify, the solution should be compatible with the Renault Master 2020 vehicle specifically. For other vehicles, a different program number would need to be used.

Please ensure that the solution is specifically tailored for the Renault Master 2020 vehicle. If you encounter any issues, it would be advisable to create a VIP helpdesk ticket so that our team can coordinate with you directly and provide the necessary assistance.