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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

Greetings! I am trying to use Teltonika Eye Sensor to detect the angular movement of Excavator arm like the use case mentioned in the link below where we would like to know if the excavator arm is really moving when the engine is ON or the engine is just idling.

Could you please educate me know how should I use the pitch and roll values to determine the idling condition?

The documentation says - Roll values can be between -180 to +180 degrees and Pitch values can be between -90 to +90 degrees. But when I move/rotate the sensor with my hand, I sometimes see values like below. Kindly advise what should we understand from this?

Pitch = 121, Roll = 251

Pitch = 0, Roll = -179

Pitch = -6, Roll = 176

Pitch = -9, Roll = 55

Pitch = -12, Roll = 31

Pitch = 15, Roll = 23

Pitch = 8, Roll = 38

Could I use the below condition in the software platform side by just using the "movement status" from the eye sensor which I believe would be simpler rather than using Pitch and Roll -

If Engine is "ON" AND "Movement Status from eye sensor" = "Moving", the consider it to be fine (Not idling)

Otherwise, consider it to be idling.

If the vehicle is moving in the road (in this case arms will not move but there will be movement in eye sensor), then also above condition should be fine because Engine should be ON and sensor should also move.


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by anonymous


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