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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
I've acquired a FMC003 to test integration into our platform, and have updated it to the latest firmware, which is 03.28.03 Rev:97.
I'm building the integration on Thingsboard across TCP, and I've set the payload type to JSON on Thingsboard as well as the sensor to "Codec JSON".

It starts sending the data, and then I can see my buffer receiving it, and it breaks once it tries parsing the JSON:

Now I understand that this is supposed to be the IMEI, but it appears to be a bug in the firmware, as this is not correct JSON formatting.

I would assume that it should look something like this:



"content": [

{ "state": .... },

{"state": ....}



Please let me know if there is a mistake on my side or not, and what an ETA could be on fixing this error in the firmware. I was happy to see the option for JSON (as there is documentation for it I was expecting to manually decode it from binary), but sadly it seems broken.

I can also see that you send different "objects" as one i.e. {"state": ...}{"state":...}`, but those should have a comma between and be in an array

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by anonymous


We would like to analyze your issue.

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