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how to set config via tcp/ip server
by anonymous
To set a configuration via TCP/IP server, you can create a custom protocol that allows the client to send commands to the server to modify the configuration settings.

Here's a general overview of the steps you can follow:

1. Define a protocol: Define a protocol that allows the client to send commands to the server. For example, you could define a protocol that uses a specific set of commands to set different configuration settings.

2. Implement the server: Create a server program that listens for incoming connections from clients. When a client connects, the server should authenticate the client and start listening for commands.

3. Implement the client: Create a client program that connects to the server and sends commands to modify the configuration settings.

4. Handle incoming commands: When the server receives a command from a client, it should parse the command and modify the configuration settings accordingly.

5. Send responses: After the configuration settings have been modified, the server should send a response back to the client indicating whether the operation was successful or not.

6. Handle errors: The server should handle errors gracefully, such as when the client sends an invalid command or when there are issues modifying the configuration settings.

Overall, the implementation details will depend on the specific requirements of your application. However, this general approach can be used as a starting point for implementing a TCP/IP-based configuration system.

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by anonymous


You can choose the protocol in configurator's GPRS settings

You can find more information here

Best regards.

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by anonymous
thank you for your response

i'll be grateful if you give me an example for example i wanna set config that i want to add the address of the backup server

how could be the command and how could be the format of this command to be send via tcp/ ip since the device is connected to my server via tcp/ip protocole

thank you