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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hi Everyone, How can I pause Fmb130 send data to server when car is stop. Can i solve the problem using sleep mode ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello Pasa,

On the Data Acquisition Settings, you can set the desired time when you want to the device to Acquire data through Min Period and time you want to receive the data to your server through Send Period when the Vehicle is On Stop. Check this link for FMB130 for more information:

Keep in mind that the vehicle Movement scenario depends on the configured Movement Source under the Systems Tab. In this case you may select  Accelerometer as Movement Source so the device can correctly assess that the vehicle is On Stop. For more information you may check this link:

Hope this helps.



by anonymous
Well, I have set the data sending rate to 1 hour for onstop status and my device is not sending me data for 1 hour anymore. But in the meantime, I want to send a command to the device through my TCP server. When the socket of the device is closed, the command will not be able to receive and I will have to wait for 1 hour? Or is there a different solution for this situation?

Can you give an example of how I should give send period and min period values? While the device is on stop, it will throw data for 1 hour, but it will not close the connection, in the meantime, I will send the getinfo command to the device and I have to wait for 1 hour for the response.
by anonymous

Hello, you may define the Open Link Timeout of the device that would help to keep the connection between device and server under GPRS Tab. Kindly refer on this link for more information: Although, sometimes it depends on your Network Provider on how long it will keep the connection open if there are no data sent.

For the Data Acquisition On Stop, if you have set Min Period to 60 secs and Send Period to 30 secs you will expect Data to be received on your server every 60 secs since even if the sending period is every 30 secs the device is gathering records every 60 secs so there would be no data every 30 secs.

Hope this helps.