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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
a few models support bluetooth handsfree connectivity, i have successfully connected to my pioneer head unit. to do so i

1-configurator bluetooth settings-visible on-connect to external device- name of pioneer head unit/ call setting auto answer/ my phone number is in authorized list

2-restarted teltonika device once it started it connected to my pioneer unit.

3- dialed to sim card inside teltonika fmb130 device it just disconected the call.

4- used the dial on screen from my headunit and called my own phone, the call went out successfully but no audio.

cheap devices have the function of voice monitoring and its a big nitch for my clients, i would like to know what brand and model if possible, can successfully connect to the teltonika devices via bluetooth and voice monitor well. listen to what happens in the cabin. please i have searched wired bluetooth adapters and no success

1 Answer

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by anonymous


In incoming call settings you should choose this setting.

  • Auto Answer (HF) – Auto answer an incoming call if device is paired with a hands-free kit.
Most of Hands free or BT speakers with microphone will work.

You can read about that more here.

Best regards.