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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I have plan to install devices with ds18b20 sensors.
Each FMX device will have 2-4 sensors.

I don't see any possibility to detect which Dallas Address Property IO # is which phisically installed.
Sensors have no any data printed on its body.
Should I read each sensor ID before installtion, or is there any other possibility to determine sensors addresses according to its place after install.
by anonymous

I have the same problem, Have you found the solution?

I send SMS command to Device: [user][pass] readio 72  or  [user][pass] readio 76  and I have not correct information.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Please refer to the information in the link below

Pay attention to Device configuration section

AVLID's Parameters definied for sensor and ID

  • 72 Dallas Temperature 1
  • 73 Dallas Temperature 2
  • 74 Dallas Temperature 3
  • 75 Dallas Temperature 4
  • 76 Dallas Temperature ID 1
  • 77 Dallas Temperature ID 2
  • 79 Dallas Temperature ID 3
  • 71 Dallas Temperature ID 4

Parameters AVLID's  available after correct configuration in section I/O of Configurator


Best regards

Best answer
by anonymous
I think we have little misunderstanding.

I have no problem with configure device, the problem is indentify sesnors after service guys install device and sensors. Sensors have no any id on its body. So the only way to do that is connecting sensors to live device in planned order isn't it? Or read all sensors id before installation and then it will be clear which one is which.

Changing order of sensors is ok but I will not change anything before check which sensor is which on site. I need to determine what is where to correct interprete data.
by anonymous


 "So the only way to do that is connecting sensors to live device in planned order isn't it? Or read all sensors id before installation and then it will be clear which one is which"

Yes you are right

Or take into consideration the connection order if it possible

like says information in manual

,,The first ID is the sensor that is connected first, which can be changed from the software side without disconnecting the sensors. It can be done by navigating to the 1-Wire section and assigning the IDs of the sensors in your desired order"


  • 72 Dallas Temperature 1 => 76 Dallas Temperature ID 1
Please verify it
by anonymous

I found more problems with FMB641. There is no 1wire config tab in configurator 1.7.40.B.FM64_R.58

After connect one sensor all was ok.

 Next I connect second sensor. and device shows the same ID for all. I connect 3rd sensor and device shows again the same ID, and after some time device detects another sensor with new ID. So now sensors showing temperatures randomly for all params.

How to reset 1wire config?

After device restart sensors IDs showing and disapearing in IO tab.

Something is wrong with firmware realy.
by anonymous

Could you check the version of FW you are using in your FMB641.

IF version of FW is older than 02.02.16.Rev.03 (Latest firmware release version for FMX641), please update FW and check again.

There made-- OneWire functionalities improvements---


Thank you
by anonymous

After update to version 02.02.16.Rev.03, 1-wire IDs problem seems to be fixed.