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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I configured an Open Link Timeout (id: 1000) of 5400 seconds, a Response Timeout (id: 1001) of 30 seconds and the Network Ping Timeout (id: 1003) of 300 seconds. The FMB120 connects to the server and successfully keeps the connection alive. A record is sent every 60 minutes, which is before the 5400 seconds timeout. Problem is, that the FMB120 doesn't enter the configured online deep sleep, when the keepalive is set.

Without a keepalive, the module enters online deep sleep after the timeout of 10 minutes (id: 103) without any problems.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make the module enter online deep sleep properly with an active keepalive?

Thanks and best regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Yes, this is normal because the device must meet a number of conditions described here in order to go into sleep mode

One of them is

  • Data sending is not in progress;

So it's not possible  when the ,,keepalive" is set.

Best regards

by anonymous
Hello, thanks for the suggestion.

However, for the FMB204s (firmware: 3.27.12_0) we have, this problem doesn't occur. They have the same configuration as explained above, but enter online deep sleep properly (and also still send network ping). Only the FMB120s (fw: 3.27.14_0) don't sleep.

Best regards
by anonymous


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