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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
for data acquisition I still use the default config. and I only changed the server and port in the GPRS menu.

but why every time the data transmission is more than 1kb per transmit?

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by anonymous


Good day,

This field allows enabling I/O elements and setting them a priority so they are added to the data packet, which is sent to the server. By default 12 I/O elements with Low priority are enabled: Ignition, Movement, Data Mode, GSM Signal, Sleep Mode, GNSS Status, GNSS PDOP, GNSS HDOP, External Voltage, Speed, Battery Current, and Battery Voltage. All records made by FMB910 are regular, and regular packets are sent as low-priority records.

if you want decrees data please make sure I/O keeps it none. that moment you will not get more data so you can save your data. 

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