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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I am using FMC003 with Firmware 03.28.03 Rev:94 and Configurator 1.7.46.E.FMX00X_r.3 - There is no Option to activate Sending of Trouble Codes. Only Number of DTC and Time since Codes cleared (working) but I do not get the fault codes. How can I do that?

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by anonymous



Thank you very much for contacting us.


With FMC003, 03.28.03.Rev.94 is currently recommended. – Ref.: FMC003 firmware errata. And with this firmware, Teltonika.Configurator_1.7.46_E.FMX00X_R.3 should be used. So the firmware and configurator you are currently using is correct.


With firmware 03.28.03.Rev.94, the following DTC related OBD II parameters are supported:

  • Number Of DTC (Parameter ID: 40100, AVL ID: 30)
  • Distance traveled MIL on (Parameter ID: 40230, AVL ID: 43)
  • Distance traveled since codes clear (Parameter ID: 40290, AVL ID: 49)
  • Time run with MIL on (Parameter ID: 40340, AVL ID: 54)
  • Time since trouble codes cleared (Parameter ID: 40350, AVL ID: 55)
  • Fault Codes (Parameter ID: 40420, AVL ID: 281) – existing fault codes separated by commas – Note: Here you need to enable Codec 8 Extended as AVL IDs greater than 255 are sent over Codec 8 Extended.

Ref.: FMC003 Parameter IDs – OBD II, FMC003 AVL IDs – OBD II


Here, even if a parameter mentioned above is not available in the Configurator, you should still be able to enable it with the SMS/GPRS command “setparam” in the device configuration and receive it on your server.


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