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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous


I have an FMC003 tracker and two Citroen cars (C5 AIRCROSS / C3 both recent car from 2020)

In tried the tracker on both cars i can get tracking information but i am not able to obtain from ODB (or CAN ?)

-  the value of the ODOMETER from the car

- the level of fuel left in the car 

I checked in the configurator : Data 8 bits extended and had the information in IO set with High records but nothing arrive in my traccar server or in …

I tried to send the sms command obdinfo and the answer was : 

Prot:6,VIN:VR7ACYHZRKLxxxxxx,TM:15,CNT:11,ST:DATA REQUESTING,P1:0x983B8013,P2:0xA019A011,P3:0x44DF8001,P4:0x8008041,MIL:0,DTC:0,ID3,Hdr:7E8,Phy:0

I am short on ideas … any help ?

Thanks in advance  

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by anonymous



I hope you are doing well.


Thank you very much for contacting us, along with detailed information.


Citroen C5 Aircross is not in the FMC003 supported vehicles list.

However, Citroen C3 is in the list.



The device response to “obdinfo” already shows some CAN values. However, “OBD OEM Total Mileage”, “OBD OEM Fuel Level” or “Fuel Level” are not among them.


For Citroen C3, please contact your sales manager so we can better analyze the issue and provide a solution.

If you do not have any connection with our sales managers, please contact us via our official website:

- Go to,

- click the "CONTACT US" button at the bottom right of the page,

- fill the online form

- and submit it.

Please select "Telematics" as the topic.

Alternatively, you can send an e-mail with a detailed description of your situation to

When contacting us, please follow these recommendations:


Best Regards,