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We would like to know the criteria for Harsh Driving (Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking and Harsh Cornering). For example in FM1110 (Max Acceleration Force), the minimum value is 0.25 and the maximum value is 0.85 while the recommended is 0.25. We are unsure on what value should we put based on the sensitivity/criteria. Please clarify this. Thank you.

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Thank You for letting us know about Your situation.

Green Driving Scenario is a factor on various cars and various drivers testing phase and can be subject to changes. If you are driving a city car we would recommend to leave it on 0.25, if you are driving a sport car then it should be more than 0.25 for example about 0.50. This is calculated with G-force. If G-Force is more than 0.25 then device will create an event and send it to Your server.

Reference for Max Cornering Force values: 

  • 0,4 - 0,45 G force – items that are left on the back seat start to slide to the side while the car is on turn; 
  •  0,75 – 0,95 G force – most of the cars loose grip on turn (normal environment conditions). 

Best regards

Hi, for my teltonika FM3620 I put 0.28g for acceleration. My calculation is car accelerate from 0 - 100km/h in 10s. Calculation is done thru this wedsite

Also, from this website, if I wanna trigger a harsh brake event when car deccelerate from 50km/h - 0 in 3s. In this case g value should be -0.47 but FM3620 cannot input a negative value for g value.

Hope you can me to solve this question. Thank you.