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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
We are using FM3001 in a clients vehicle as a pilot project. We are not receiving

1. OBD fuel data - fuel level & fuel consumption

2. OBD odometer data - Total odometer distance & Total Trip distance

Am looking for the actual OBD datapoints from the vehicle not the calculated ones.

Any firmware will provide these datapoints ? Appreciate your help on this

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for using the Teltonika Crowd Support Forum.

The reason for not receiving certain OBD data might be that the vehicle does not send that type of information through OBD. Different types of vehicles send different types of data through OBD.

To check, you can send the commands "obdinfo" and "obdinfo 1" to the device when it's connected to the vehicle and the engine is started, to check the available PIDS.

The SMS command format should look like this:

  • If SMS login and password are set:
    • <SMSLogin><space><SMSpassword><space>obdinfo
  • If there are no SMS login or passwords set:
    • <space><space>obdinfo

The same has to be done with the command "obdinfo 1"

Once you receive a response from the device, you can paste them here, so that I could check if the data you want to receive is readable from the OBD connection of the vehicle or if it's a problem with the device itself.

Regarding the OBD data you want to receive being actual data points, the Fuel Level OBD is received straight from OBD, but the Total Odometer ant Trip Odometer are not received from the OBD and are not OBD data, these are I/O elements of the device. They are calculated using OBD parameters "Distance travelled since MIL on" and "Distance travelled since trouble codes cleared" and by adding them to the initial Odometer value set in the Trip/Odometer section of the configurator.

Also, to provide better support for you, could you please tell me what Firmware version the device is currently using?

I hope this answer has provided you with some useful information for you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.