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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hi, i did search a day and could not find definitive answers of this questions, im looking into either an FMC130 or FMC640

From what i understand, in the FMC640 CAN is build in, is this right? In this case:

- What can i do with it? Can it see by CAN line if the car door is opened without disarming the car?

- Can i use it like CAN control and remotely disable the engine while running?

-Does it need a relay for  the immobilizer or does it have CAN CONTROL+IMMO built in?

There is little price difference in buying FMC640 VS FMC130 and CAN+IMMO. But if the FMC640 can do the same (immo,detect door opening by can, and remotely shutdown) i will buy the FMC640

What is smart? Thankszs!
by anonymous
Oki if the fmc130 supports it i will do. Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous

FMC640 CAN line is SAE J1939 CAN interface used in trucks (FMS line). It can be used to read FMS parameters:

If you would like to open/close doors remotely and use IMMO feature without installing additional relay, CAN-CONTROL+IMMO CAN adapter schould be used.

List with supported vehicles and available parameters and functions is available on Teltonika Wiki:
by anonymous
Thankyou, will go for the FMC130 + CAN control+immo.  But isnt the immo via CAN instead of relay a bit more security risk? If thiefs can disable the original car immo, the teltonika can immo maybe bypassed and have no function anymore, while with a relay the starter wire is hard wired so they can turn the key but nothing happens. Is this true? Is the relay safer or does it simple not matter?
by anonymous

Vehicle original IMMO is very hard to disable without original key, however if you feel unsafe, you can use CAN IMMO + IMMO functionality supported by device firmware with additional relay, then you will have double protection.