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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I have some data on arduino serail port like 8888999 code this code i have to send to fmb 630 device, can someone please let me know how this can be done.

do i need to use 1wire data wire?

i can already see data on arduino serial monitor, these data must be sent to gps

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Can you send the format of your command?

Kindly follow this information on how to send GPRS command or codec 12 command to the device 

Preamble - the packet starts with four zero bytes.

 Data Size - size is calculated from the Codec ID field to the second command or response quantity field.

Codec ID - in Codec12 it is always 0x0C.

Command/Response Quantity 1 - it is ignored when parsing the message.

Type - 0x0E If you set the type as 0E the device will route this command to serial ports.

Command/Response Size – command or response length.

Command/Response – command or response in HEX.

Command/Response Quantity 2 - a byte that defines how many records (commands or responses) is in the packet. This byte will not be parsed but it’s recommended that it should contain the same value as Command/Response Quantity 1. 

Reference: Codec - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (