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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hi I want to connect Fmb140 in the following way..

 Can 1 - read vehicle obd parameters

Can 2 read FLS sensor Can messages.

Can it be setup like this?.

Im asking because I do not see manual Can setup in configurator

1 Answer

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by anonymous


good day 

FMB140 there is internal LV CAN200 or ALL CAN300 and also you can auto scan for the program number, for example, if you don't have an exact program number you can use auto scan and will get many program numbers so you have to find which program number will get more accurate parameters that program number you can use it. if you don't know how to get a CAN line, you can find the CAN line anywhere for example from OBD2 PINs 6 and 14 there are available CAN high and low, you can use it if there is a program number available and also accurate parameters. vehicle available CAN line area is ECM or BCM or behind from odometer or OBD2 or behind from fuse box, etc...

please find the attached link

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