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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I have been reading through fmb640 wiki, link:

Is there any parameter or any combination of parameters that could get me the daily breaks of a given driver? Closest thing i have seen so far is the parameter "Driver Cumulative Break Time", AVL IDs 58-59. Unfortunately, as the description says, this parameter returns the accumulated availabilty or break times since the end of the previous break/rest period.

In summary, what im actually looking for is the sum of all break/rest periods of the day for a given driver.

Thanks in advance,


1 Answer

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by anonymous



Thank you very much for contacting us.

I checked the configuration file of the latest firmware version “01.02.22.rev.04”. – There are no newly added Tachograph data elements, so our related Wiki page is up-to-date in this respect.

However, “Driver 1 Working State” (AVL ID 184) and “Driver 2 Working State” (AVL ID 185) can still be used here to calculate total daily rest time.


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Best Regards,

Best answer
by anonymous

Thank you very much for the quick response.

I have done some logic in order to get the data by storing the current driver working state as you mentioned as well as the date when the driver state changes. Hopefully i can achieve this goal.

Additionally, i have seen there is a parameter that retrieves "number of times 9h daily driving time exceeds". I wonder if there is any possibility of getting the number of reduced daily rests. As the rests between driving time wouldnt count to this value, i cant see an easy way of getting these reduced daily rests (3 max between 2 weekly rest periods)

Thanks in advance,