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Hey all!

  I have a batch of FMC640 here.  I need to open each to install a SIM.  Is there a trick to it?  I try prying the tabs on the sides with a screwdriver but that deforms the tabs and still takes a heck of a force to open.

I feel like there is some trick that I just don't know.  Any advice would be really appreciated!

All the best - L

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Hello, thank you.  I have seen that.  It shows to remove the screws, (easy) then step 2 is "Remove the cover".

That Step 2 is the part that is hard to do.

There is no detail how this is supposed to be done, where pressure should be applied, what tool should be use.  Any further information would be appreciated.

Thank you. - L

Please look at the picture.

This shows where are dedicated points on the casing to open the device correctly.

You should use a flathead screwdriver

Thankyou.  That helps.  I think the trick is to use a large enough screwdriver.  To small and it just damages the case.  Large flat head pushes the case enough that it pops it open.