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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I am an intern with the company ELINAP in Besançon, I have a project to realize with an Arduino, a realization of a system of counting of the passengers in buses and sends the data of this counting with Bluetooth to a Teltonika TRACKER FMB130,

then after a reading on the wiki of this TRACKER, I found that it is necessary to send the data in crypto with format AES-128bits, also, it is necessary to use the format iBeacon, for the moment, I am really blocked, I do not know how to make to encrypt the data also to send them at the same time in format iBeacon

So my question is can we disable the option to encrypt data in AES-128bits format. If the answer is no, how can we send encrypted data and at the same time in iBeacon ?

Can we send data using the SERIAL PORT (usb channel) ?

Thanks for your response, Best regards.


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by anonymous

Data encryption is not necessary, it is an option to increase data security.

In Bluetooth 4.0 tab under Settings there is a field for a AES128 key. Which if left empty, the BLE outgoing data will not be ciphered and incoming data will not be decoded.

Data format: Edystone or iBeacon depends on Beacon configuration, device receives data and send them to the server in Codec 8 Extended format as AVL 385 (Simple Beacon mode) or 548 (Advanced Beacon mode):