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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous


I'm trying to set this up, but I'm unable to get User ID to show in Status > I/O Info in Teltonika.Configurator.

The tracker is connected with USB and the smartphone is paired (I tried with different phone too), but User ID never shows up when I read from device.

What am I doing wrong? Does it have to be a specific type of Bluetooth device, not just any smartphone?

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I'm also trying to set this up.

gmail sign up

by anonymous

Anyone managed to get user identification working?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards!

1 Answer

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Hi, Greetings!

1. configure the Bluetooth of your device. Select enable visible. 

2. Security mode PIN.

3. Connection mode USER ID.

Fill up the following.

1. External MAC: Can be found on the settings of your phone go to about and check the Bluetooth MAC address.

2. External Name: Name of your device.

3. External PIN : This will show once you scan for Bluetooth device your Teltonika device, Go to the bluetooth control click discover, select your mobile phone and click pair. after clicking the pair button PIN will show on your mobile. Put that on External PIN.

4. Check the IO USER ID and set the priority to LOW or HIGH.

Note: Once the device is connected successfully open your Bluetooth app, and select the teltonika device the teltonika device will automatically detected the MAC address of your phone and send it to your server. 

Best Regards,

Maynard C

by anonymous

Thank you for your answer.

I'm concerned about filling up External MAC and Name fields, because it would counter the whole purpose of this functionality, if the tracker was able to connect to just one predefined device. It should be able to connect to various devices (drivers' phones) and report the actually connected device's MAC (who is driving).

Anyways, I tried to do it this way, and it didn't work neither, my User ID showed only zeroes.

After further tersting I accidentally found out, that the tracker actually reported the phone MAC, but it was only visible while bluetooth settings on the phone were open. As soon as the settings were closed, the reported ID turned to zeroes again. I suspect it is caused by some bluetooth visibility issues on the phone. I can't set it, to be always visible. Is there an Android app, that would automatically maintain the bluetooth connection when phone is in the bluetooth range of the tracker?

Best regards.