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Hello I sent the command setparam 10000:180 because I need the GPS send data every 3 min when is stopping. I try in many FMB 920 and I can't get it to send data every 3 min. The gps goes to sleep for several minutes. Is there any command to achieve this?

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Hello Sercom, 

Good day. Thank you for reaching out.

The parameter ID 10000 is for the Minimum period to save the records. In order to send the records every 3 minutes (180 seconds) to the server, you'll need to use "setparam 10005:180" instead. For more information on the parameter ID of Data Acquisition, please refer here -

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Yes, I know the command setparam 10000:180, in fact I sent several times. The FMB920 receives the command answer new value10000:180 and then the device disconnects. Is there another command that I have to send?