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In our use case, we want to connect a Tyre pressure monitoring system to FMC640 through CAN bus, ex CAN1. TPMS will send CAN messages of varying length to FMC640 and FMC640 should forward the message to the server.

1. How can we configure FMC640 to make it be able to receive the data from TPMS via CAN 1 and forwadrd the data to server?
I have the CAN message ID of TPMS and configured Manual CAN IO as below:

2. Which codec should we use to decode the device response?

Kind regards

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Dear Ree,

Which TPMS system are you using?

If you are using the Continental “ContiPressureCheck” tire pressure monitoring system, we can directly integrate this to FMC640.

Please find the below link for more details.

If you are using a different system please let us know, we will provide the steps to integrate these PGNs.