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The parameter (ID 1000 - Open Link Timeout) doesn't seem to make any difference to my device disconnecting. I want the connection to stay open even if there is no data to send, otherwise the Traccar software marks my device as offline. I've set Open Link Timeout (s) to 259200, but still the tracker disconnects immediately after sending updated records.

What am I doing wrong please?


Mark Smith

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Hello, good day.

Operators often close the link despite of how long the Open Link timeout parameter is configured. You should consider the Network ping timeout parameter to prevent this. You can find a description on the settings for a FMB920 in this link: ; it should be a similar webpage for the device model you are using, however its use is the same.  

Hope this information is useful.

Best regards.
The logs state that it's the Teltonika that disconnects. Somehow, it's seems to have finally sorted itself. It appears to be a setting that only kicks in after a reboot and after waiting for a while.

Teltonika is good equipment but it can be very picky as and when certain settings eventually apply at times!