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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

Good morning.

I've got Teltonika FMB140 from our customer and need to get data from it for further processing. I've found a Teltonika Parser / TCP & UDP Listener / Codec C# source code for protocol integration to your server, deploy it, set server in configurator but got a problem, solution for which I haven't found: FMB140 tracker send the same data all the time. After formatting the storage it send small package with 1 or few packets, then it increases with new packets, but old ones still there. When pakage increases to 19 packets, newer packets are not sending. Could I set something in Configurator or problem is on the server (doesn't sent OK response or something else) and how to fix it? Server is the example from link above, TcpListener.

Upd: Btw, while reading data it generates a TaskCanceledException in TcpClientService class, method ReadData during second loop in while block (after whole data of pakage have been read), which restarts TcpClientService. Is it ok?

Upd 2: "Teltonika Parser v1.8.3\TcpListener_v1.8.3":

Upd 3: reset the configurations doesn't solve the problem: there is still huge package with the same data. looks like the problem is somewhere in default server/configurations

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by anonymous



Thank you very much for contacting us.


Please send the “cpureset” and “sdformat” SMS commands to the device in the same order. Ref.: FMB140 SMS/GPRS Commands

Please review FMB 140 Configuration - FMB140 Data acquisition settings and Codec for more information on device configuration and record sending.

If the issue persists – please contact your sales manager so we can better analyze the issue and provide a solution.

If you do not have any connection with our sales managers, please contact us via our official website:

- Go to,

- click the "CONTACT US" button at the bottom right of the page,

- fill the online form

- and submit it.

Please select "Telematics" as the topic.

Alternatively, you can send an e-mail with a detailed description of your situation to

When contacting us, please follow these recommendations:


Best Regards,